What is villeo home?

We want to change the way consumers search for homes

Villeo Home is first and foremost a searchable platform for real estate professionals to reach potential clients in a new and refreshing way.  By providing valuable information to consumers about neighborhoods, condos, and villages in a video format you, the realtor, are able to engage in a new and exciting way, thus becoming the new, easily identifiable local expert.

The consumer will be able to do a quick search via city, town, or zip code, a group of videos containing neighborhoods within the criteria will populate, and they can now choose which neighborhood videos they would like to watch and/or share.

“I love what Villeo Home has done for my business.  I am now viewed by my current clients and future clients as the go to professional in my area.”

How does the Realtor benefit?

“The real estate agent receives extremely valuable facetime with potential clients and a familiarization that breaks through the initial trust barriers present when making initial contact.  This will put you (the realtor) in a position to become thee (that’s right, THEE) local expert in and around those neighborhoods.”

“The ‘Price IS Right’ here! lol.  Where else can you get this much exposure for free?”

“Game over Zillow.”

let your hair down!

So it’s time to make a video, now what?

While we do require a certain degree of professionalism and for your videos to follow some uniform guidelines to maintain a high level of quality content, we don’t want you to appear to be robots just talking into a camera.  Viewers/consumers will be more engaged if they can connect with you as a living, breathing human.  So let that personality shine bright!  Speak to the camera as if you were talking to a friend.  Regardless of whether you are super sweet, sassy or just funny as sh!t- be natural and authentic as possible.  Use these tips and you will be a real estate star in no time.  Now go shake that money maker!