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We are changing the way people all across the globe search for their next home. by providing original content with invaluable information about neighborhoods and places to live, people from NY to london to sidney and everywhere in between can find the perfect spot to call home.


As the global leader in neighborhood research we strive to bring you (the consumer) the most up to date information in a high quality, no hassle environment.  We constantly review the content we are delivering to make sure that these high standards are consistent throughout the platform.

Our vision

We believe that the perfect home begins with the right neighborhood, but the “right neighborhood” is largely subjective and can be different for everyone.  We want to make it as easy as possible to match the home purchaser with the neighborhood that best speaks to them.  Thanks to Villeo Home, you can now learn in an entertaining and informative way, about the places where your next home will be located.

Our mission

Villeo Home was born out of a need, the need for information, not just for the houses, but the neighborhood surrounding them.  So our mission is simple, to disrupt the realestate industry by changing the way people search for homes.  By beginnining with the best place to live, you can find the perfect home to live in.  “It is better to buy the least home in the best neighborhood, rather than buying the best home in the worst neighborhood.”

Our mission is you!  We will deliver the information you need and save you precious time.  No longer will you spend hours researching data, or reading about neighborhoods online. No more Saturdays going from neighborhood to neighborhood by car without first narrowing down the prospects.  Now you can search an area, watch the videos of the great neighboroods in that area, all the while receiving valuable information that in the past would have taken years of living there to figure out .

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